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Bedhampton Social Hall

The first version of Bedhampton Social Hall was an ex World War 1 army hut that was bought as a war memorial.

The hut was used from 1920 as a Young Men’s Christian Association and over the year’s membership increased into the hundreds. By 1926 membership had declined and there were only 50 members.

The hut was called many different names throughout the years that reflected how much the community used it.

Names such as: Memorial Hut, Parish Hut and Village Hut.

The hut was used for many different community activities such as: Dancing and Variety Shows. The hut was also used for wedding receptions and anniversary, birthday and engagement parties.

In the early 1990s, the hut was owned by Havant Borough Council.
The hut had to be repaired because of its age. The building was rotting and the roof was leaking and so there were plans put in place to repair the damage to the cost of £33,000.

By the year 1994, the work had been completed and the building had a new roof, kitchen and the toilets were moved inside the building.

The members of the hall were campaigning for a new building to replace the hut and by the year 2000, the hut had closed its doors for the final time.

The current new social hall cost £400,000 and was built on the same site as the previous version. It opened its doors in December 2000 and has been open since then.